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Best place to visit during the spring in Korea

It feels like that the spiring is coming and the winter is going away. We will introduce the best 5 places to visit in Korea during spring.

1. Goryeosan Mountain, Ganghwa Island

Korean rosebay is the flower which represents the spring. The Korean rosebay covers all over the Goryeosan Mountain in Ganghwa Island. That mountain is not too high so they can climb up to the top of the mountain within two hours so you can enjoy the view of flower while you are climbing the mountain. The festival of Korean rosebay starts from 12th of April to 23rd of April and the entrance fee is for free. Tel 032-930-3515 / Address: Ganghwa-gun, Ganghwa-eup, Incheon
Tel 032-930-3515 / 주소 : 인천 강화군 강화읍

2. Seosan, Gaesimsa

You can easily see cherry blossom everywhere during the spring but you can only see blue cherry blossom in Gaesimsa only. Gasimsa is the temple which is located in the middle of mountain and you can enjoy the blue cherry blossom. There are also different kinds of other cherry blossom so it is a popular place to go. You can enjoy the cherry blossom from end of March to end of April.
Tel: 041-688-2256 / Address: 321-86, Gaesimsa-ro, Unsan-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

3. Suncheonman Bay National Garden

Suncheonman Bay National Garden is a place which has a lot of different kinds of garden with different theme. More than a billion of flower is filled in the garden. Different kinds of flower are decorated with different themes and there is also parade show so it is good to visit with friends, family or couple. The period of the flower festival is from 7th of April to 7th of May.

4. Taean, Kamille farm

Taean, Kamille farm is a garden which is European garden decorated with herbs. It seems like they brought the charming garden from Europe and filled up with herbs. Especially herbs start to bud from March, so you can enjoy the spring with the scent of herb from Kamille farm.
Website :
address : 56-19, Wuwungil, Nam-myun, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Tel. : 041-675-3636

5. Ssanggyesa Temple (Hadong)

Ssanggyesa Temple which is located in Hadong is famous with the road of cherry blossom. From Hwagae Market to the Ssanggyesa Temple, the cherry blossoms make a tunnel of flower. There are few cherry blossom tunnels in Korea but you can enjoy here more because there is also green tea farm on the side. Also there is a Hwagae Market so there are lots of things to eat and enjoy. There is a story that if you walk this tunnel with someone whom you love, your love will be forever so it is popular place for couple to visit.
Address: 59, Ssanggyesa-gil, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do


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