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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Things that you have to be aware of while eating healthy protein!

Many people try to have ‘high-protein diet’ when they are interested in healthy life or losing weight.

Especially, people who play sports must have protein even by having protein supplies.

Then how much do you know about protein?

Many people are thinking that protein is a type of nutrients they need while putting on muscles.

However, that is only a small part of protein’s effect.

1. Healthy diet, Protein! What does it do in our body?

Protein controls our body’s metabolism.

It maintains our blood sugar in stable level, while stabilizing our nerve system.
There are many other roles that protein plays on our body.

Protein is an intercellular bridge of various types of amino acid.
Lack of amino acid can lead to problems such as pain on muscle, bone and joints, change in blood sugar level, slower recovery ability, weakened immunity, and so on.
So you are clear that you require adequate protein intake now, right?

2. Is it better to have more protein since protein is good for our body?

Excessive consumption of protein can lead to osteoporosis due to loss of calcium because our body excretes calcium as urine as metabolic process of amino acid that is forming protein.

Thus you have to make sure that you are having enough calcium consumption while you are having high-protein diet.

3. What’s the greatest way to have protein healthy and tasty?

There are many foods that are enriched in proteins such as beans, egg, meat, fish, and so on.

It would be really delicious if you cook them with various spices, however this is not healthy way to have protein.

You can have healthier diet if you cook high-protein foods with less sodium and less sugar.

For example, beans are relatively easy to cook by stirring or boiling, and you can also enjoy various forms of beans because there are various recipes available with tofu or beans as an ingredient.

4. Can I have protein while I am on a diet?

You have to make sure that you have well planned healthy dietary plan, not just eating less and protein is something that you must have during diet.

You need to have adequate animal fat with vegetable fat, and it is recommended to have chicken, duck, egg or fish rather than red colored meats when you are on diet.
Also it is better to have small amount of protein often rather than having much of them at once.

Salmon has lower calories than chicken breast, and is also helpful on skin improvement as it is enriched with vitamin and proteins.

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