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Friday, December 23, 2016

Let’s prevent female cancer with sea mustard!

Hello everyone? We are nearly at the end of this year and there are things coming next year that make us excited or worried. Don’t you greet other people by saying ‘stay healthy’ often?

So today, I will introduce a health management method as the year-end’s greeting in advance.

The most afraid thing is not a terrorist nor ghosts, but your body because we can always get diseases that threat our lives, especially cancer.

So here comes our cancer killer ‘sea mustard’!!

The effects of sea mustard are still in the process of proving scientifically and the key component of sea mustard is ‘Fucoidan’.

Fucoidan has recently proven to have great anticancer effect which even made this component called ‘natural anticancer medication’, as well as strengthening our immune system while improving on blood circulation and inflammation in our body.

Strong immunity can overcome all types of cancers, including cervical cancer.

Secondly, Fucoidan leads to suicide of cervical cancer cell.

Fucoidan proceed on apoptosis mechanism that leads cancer cells to kill themselves. 

Fucoidan selectively forms poison on cells which leads to suicide of cancer cells as well as suppressing the propagation of cancer cells.

Fucoidan also has an effect of restoring stretched or transformed uterus into its original status by constringing uterus.

Due to this factor, sea mustard is strongly recommended to cancer patients because it is effective for cancer treatment and prevention, and especially for female cancer treatment.

And finally, to briefly tell you about dietary habit, it is ideal to avoid high-fat or saturated fat diet as these dietary habit leads to all types of diseases including cancer. 

Try to limit on consumption of white flour and white sugar that causes nutritional imbalance and consume enough vegetables and fruits that are enriched in phytochemicals which has anticancer effect.

Cervical cancer has the second highest attack rate after breast cancer among female cancers. However cervical cancer is a disease that you can fully treat with great dietary habit or cervical cancer injection.

Try on having healthy life next year and Merry Christmas!!

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