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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

good Food and Treatment for Dark Circles Prevention

Good Food and Treatment for Dark Circles Prevention

Dark Circles are not precise medical terms, but terms that look dark around the eyes. Therefore, dark circles have a variety of different causes. According to the reasons, the treatment and prevention measure of dark circles are different. There is no scientific evidence that any goods are good for dark circles.

First, if you have an atopic dermatitis or rhinitis for a long time,
the pigment around your eyes may increase. Dermatitis may cause pigmentation or the habit of rubbing eyes may be the cause for the dark circles as well. Sometimes, it causes pigmentation due to an unknown cause.

If you have dermatitis, then you need to treat dermatitis first. Also, in this case, you can’t have message. You should have treatments to improve your skin condition and get a whitening treatment to improve dark circles. Also, we suggest eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, green tea and Oregano extract.

Second, the veins under the eyes are stretched and visible through the skin.
In this case, the patients may be treated for veins and can have fat grafting under the eyes to improve visible veins.

You also need to sleep well and maintain good health to prevent venous congestion. Also, it is good to do the warm pack to release the congestion. There is a component called Flavonoid which would help to increase the elasticity of veins. Flavonoids are abundant in vegetables such as apples, oranges, cabbages, and onions. Especially, green tea and beans contain more flavonoids.

Third, dark circles due to fat under the eyes.
Decreased elasticity and thinning are a part of the aging process. Due to these reasons, the fat under the eyes can bulge. In this case, you can have filler under the eyes to change the angles, have lifting procedures, or have eye bag surgery to improve dark circles.

The ingredients that help prevent skin aging include various antioxidants. The foods that contain a lot of these good ingredients are beans, fish, tomato would help to improve dark circles and also prevent skin aging as well. It is difficult to see such a noticeable effect with massage only.

We have many surgeons who are specialist in eye surgery and dermatology at WONJIN. If you have concerns about your eyes, please feel free to contact us to have consultation with our specialists!

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