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Monday, April 24, 2017

Minimum incision lifting that is effective for saggy skin and fine wrinkle improvement

Minimum incision lifting that is effective for saggy skin and fine wrinkle improvement

Aging is a natural process that everyone must undergo as the passage of time.
Skin is aging as we get older especially in your 40s~50s, so people attempt to use functional cosmetic products or try various diet therapy to protect aging. However, these are only ways to prevent aging but not really working to reduce wrinkles.
Because saggy and loose skin or wrinkles are not easily returned back to original skin condition once it is firmed.
That's why recently middle aged people have been started to focusing on lifting treatment that has effect of improving face line and skin elasticity using simple tools.

Mini Lifting review

According to specialist, there are few types of lifting treatment for saggy skin; thread lifting, face lifting, and mini lifting.
Thread lifting can thighten wrinkles and restore skin elasticity but it does not last long enough.
On the contrary, face lifting is meant to be a treatment for people having extremely saggy skin and deep wrinkles.
Finally, mini lifting is a mid stage of above two lifting. It is recommended to 40s~50s who have overall sagging face and deep fine wrinkles.

Also, mini lifting is a method that improves saggy cheek, wrinkles around mouth, droopy chin by making minimal incision 2~3cm at the front of ear to the earlobe. This leaves almost no scar and side effects after surgery and it has quicker recovery time.
Endoscope device is used for mini lifting, which can tighten and lift skin by going through in great detail. So it is considered safe surgery.
In addition to this, it would give a pleasant impression by providing wrinkles, nasalobial folds and skin elasticity effects and maintain them semi permanent.

Mini lifting poses less infection risk than other plastic surgeries and quite simple procedure but it is executed on face which is sensitive
so patients should undergo surgery considering their skin condition, skin type, age throughout thorough consultation with experienced plastic surgeon.
It is also importnat to choose the most suitable treatment method based on the correct diagnosis from specialist.

Mini Lifting Before and After PhotoMini Lifting Before and After Photo

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