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Traditional Markets in Seoul, Korea

Many foreigners visiting Korea would like to experience the Korean traditional culture. There are Hanok villages, Hanbok, Korean traditional cloth, or others to enjoy in Korea but there are nothing better to experience Korean culture than traditional markets where the modern and the past coexist. There are still lots of traditional market but I would like to recommend you the most famous markets in Seoul.

1. Namdaemoon Market

Namdaemoon Market is the biggest market in Korea. There are 10,000 of stores and wagons. You can not only buy many things at Namdaemoon Market, but you can also taste a variety of Korean traditional foods.

You can taste real Korean foods in traditional market because it has been passed down from before. Each alley is characterized by its own unique streets.

2. Tongin Market ▶

Tongin Market is composed of 70-80 stores. It is small- and medium-sized traditional market. You can have peculiar experiences which is Yeopjeon Lunch. Yeopjeon was a Korean brass coin with square cut out. There is Yeopjeon exchange counter in front of market entrance. After you exchange to Yeapjeon, you can exchange Yeapjeon to foods in stores which are Yeopjeon affiliate. You can choose the foods to exchange and make your own lunch box. You can have special experiences that you can’t experience in other markets. Also, there are Seochon Village and Gyeongbokgung Place near Tongin Market to walk.

3. Kwangjang Market

Located on Jongno 5-ga, Kwangjang Market is the first daily market opened in 1905. It is also a popular tourist attraction for both Koreans and tourists and there is guides who help interpret for foreigners in the market. Kwangjang Market is the place where food comes to mind first. There are lots of stores for Mayak Gimbap-rice roll, Bindaetteok-mung bean pancake, Yukhoe-Korean-style raw beef and more. And also, there are vintage shops right next to market so you can enjoy the Korean foods and go to shopping. There are many traditional markets in Seoul as well. Also, there is Seoul City Tour Bus to look around Seoul in a short time. Also there is Seoul City Tour Bus for traditional culture so if you use this service then you can look around variety of traditional markets. The place for ticket office and departure point is located near exit 1 of Dongdaemun history and culture park station. You can choose one of traditional markets to look around or you can use tour bus to visit several traditional markets.


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