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Monday, February 20, 2017

What are good Korean cosmetic products? Korean cosmetic products recommendation

Do you think about plastic surgery and beauty cosmetics when you hear the word Korea?

In Korea, you can easily access various Korean cosmetic brands such as The face shop, Innisfree, Skin food, Etude house, Aritaum, Tonymoly, Misha, Nature republic and so on.
So today, I will introduce you some products that are well known in Korea and will also recommend you some products that I love.

1. The face shop: Real Brand Calming Cleansing Oil / Avocado Body lotion

The face shop’s cosmetic products are made with natural ingredients and very popular between customers in their 20~30s.

I have been continuously using real brand calming cleansing oil and avocado body lotion, and real brand calming cleansing oil is an oil cleanser that contains 3 typed oil blends including olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil, and herbal components including chamomile and real lavender flower.

I have also used an oil cleanser from shu uemura which is quite expensive and extremely popular, but I personally prefer the oil cleanser from The face shop.
The scent and container design of real brand calming cleansing oil are also great. There is a chamomile in the bottle which makes this product look even more natural.

The second product that I would recommend from The face shop would be Avocado body lotion that I actually use every day for 3 years already.

As you would already be aware, avocado is very suitable to use as body lotion as its component is very moisturizing. In summer, I use this product right after having a shower, and during winter, I use this with body oil which makes my skin smooth and moisturized until next day morning.

2. WONJIN EFFECT 3STEP Water Bomb Mask Sheet

There are various types of mask sheets in Korea.

I have tried on many kinds of mask sheet, but I personally think that this product is the best one at moisturizing and skin sedating.

I am using this 3STEP Water Bomb Mask Sheet from WONJIN effect at least 3 times a week, as it is winter in Korea.

This mask sheet is the 3STEP solution for skin based on WONJIN Bio and WONJIN dermatologist’s experience, and this mask sheet has 3 steps including toner, serum and mask sheets.

I like this product because this product makes my skin very moisturized and glow when I wake up in the morning even when I don’t use any other skin care products.

3. Innisfree’s Canola Honey jelly mist

Do you know the mist from Lamer which is very popular and expensive?

I have also used that product before, but I think Innisfree’s Canola Honey jelly mist is better than the Larmer’s when the price of Innisfree’s mist is around 10,000 KRW whereas the Lamer’s mist is around 80,000 KRW.

The reasons for me to prefer Innisfree’s mist include its cheap price, but this product is high –quality product which makes my skin very moisturized and glow. I have already used up 5 bottles of this.

This is what you ‘must have’ during winter.

So the above were the products that I love J

(This blog post is based on my personal opinion without any commercial purpose)

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