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Monday, February 27, 2017

Clean and bright smile, teeth whitening

Many people are seeking for white teeth as there is a quote saying that ‘the completion of smile is aligned white teeth’. However, our teeth become discolored due to congenital or acquired factors.

Then how can we make our teeth white?

Most of dentists in USA explain that most of teeth whitening tooth paste is just like painting over the teeth without changing the actual color of teeth. Thus these tooth pastes just act like a type of scour which wipes the teeth stained from coffee or cigarette.

Dentists stated peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the key component of teeth whitening.

These two components bleach the stains on enamel and dentine layer of teeth which makes the teeth brighter and white.

There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures.

Both of these procedures are done at dental clinic, and the medications used during these procedures must only be used under specialist’s instruction.

One of these methods is done with teeth whitening medication and whitening laser, and the other method uses a device that is produced according to the patient’s teeth modeling, which can be used at home by wearing the device.

If you could have both of these procedures together, you can maximize the effect of teeth whitening treatments.

Additionally, if you can use dried lettuce powder and mashed fresh strawberries with tooth paste to brush your teeth, you will be able to maintain your whitened teeth brighter.

Getting teeth whitening treatment through dental treatment procedure is a good way to have white teeth, however let’s try to maintain our beautiful and healthy teeth by keeping up with great life habits. 

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