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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Alar reduction surgery VS Alar reduction injection

I believe that many people are interested in having nose surgery (rhinoplasty), thus I am posting about alar reduction surgery today.

Our nose is the center of our face, thus our face can appear flat and wide if our alar (nostrils) is too wide and visible.

Thus I would like to recommend alar reduction surgery or alar reduction injection for people who have wide base of the nose.

Usually, one’s nose alar can appear wide because of thick skin or excessive soft tissue, and there are many people who misunderstand that they have big nostrils when they only have thick skin.

Alar reduction surgery has to be designed according to each individual’s face, and the ideal width of the nose alar is the distance between the eyes.

The usual surgery duration for alar reduction surgery itself is around 1 hour and the stitches can be removed after 7 days.

There is an alar reduction injection called ‘alar sculpting injection’ which can melt the excessive soft tissue and fat on the nose alar and botox injection can also take place for more effective result.

Thus if you are afraid of having surgery, I would recommend you to have 3~5 sessions of alar reduction injection before you decide on having surgical procedure.

The effect of alar reduction injection is not permanent and minimum of 3~5 sessions are required to have satisfying result.

However the advantage of injection method is that the patients can go back to their daily routine even right after the procedure.

The effect of alar reduction surgery is permanent, however it requires approximately 1 week of recovering period.

In order to obtain satisfying result, it is important to have consultation with specialized surgeon and the surgery has to be designed according to your facial structure.

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