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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Breast cosmetic surgery, Is there any other way to reshape your breasts other than breast implants?

Eyes and nose job surgery craze is still booming but perfect body shape has become another important thing in life.

Therefore, more and more people consider body contouring plastic surgery like liposuction to have prettier and ideal body shape. But to be honest, slim and thin women are concerned about their small breasts.

Not only slim women have small and empty breasts but also average women who have moderate amount of body fat and muscle could have flat breasts and contemplate breasts surgery in order to have prettier body shape.

Have you just made up your mind to have breast augmentation surgery?
But do you think breast augmentation is only done by implant insertion?

Young women who have just small breasts might be able to achieve beautiful breasts line after implant augmentation. However, not every woman would have this result.

There are some women who have small and saggy breasts due to childbirth or poor skin elasticity. If breasts are dropped slightly, implant can improve both size and saggy parts. If not, breasts lifting should be done before implanting to get beautiful breast line.

In the case of breasts lifting and breasts augmentation surgery at the same time, incision area might be vary depending on patients’ preference or their condition. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with surgeons before surgery.
If breast lifting is performed together, it is required to be more sophisticated than breasts augmentation as it needs to reshape symmetrical. That’s why the operation time might take longer and patients are required to get this surgery from surgeons who have rich experiences.

If you are reluctant to implants or just want to increase size, then fat grafting is recommended to enlarge your breasts. Please refer to next post for breasts fat grafting!

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