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Friday, January 20, 2017

Anti-aging surgery that is suitable for me

All women want to get aged beautifully as they are getting older.

Most of patients who are in 20 to 30s prefer to have plastic surgery that can change their own features, and most of patients who are over 40s choose to have surgery that can make them look younger.

Our bone, muscle, fat and skin get aged as time passes. They lose their elasticity, and become saggy due to the force of gravity.

Then, how can we stop our skin from aging while maintaining its good condition?

“Lift up the saggy skin, and fill in the sunken area.”

We can lift up our skin in opposite direction to gravity by using thread or incision according to the patient’s condition.

Due to recent development of lifting threads, it is possible to lift up our tissue more effectively which lasts longer than before, while the thread encourages the surrounding tissue to form collagen.

This type of thread lifting is mostly performed on patients between 40s and 50s, and this procedure is more suitable for patients who don’t have thick skin and excessive fat on facial area.

As we get older, our winkles get deeper, volume of our front cheek decreases, and the border between our jowl line and face becomes less significant as our jowl line becomes saggy.

For the symptoms above, it is possible to have natural looking effect easily by lifting saggy areas to the opposite direction.

Many people choose to have this procedure as their anti-aging procedure.

However, for patients who have severely saggy skin and excessive fat on facial area; have procedure which creates incision along the hair line from temple to ears to remove saggy skin and excessive fat.

This surgery especially requires surgeon’s great skill as the surgeon has to improve on the saggy tissues inside our skin thoroughly as well.

Also, the surgeon’s suture technique is also very important as this surgery requires relatively long incision.

After the lifting of saggy skin occurs, sunken areas that were covered under saggy skin including front cheek, smile line (nasolabial fold), temple and forehead, can become more significant.

In this case, it is possible to fill up sunken areas by injection the patient’s own fat and if the area is not severely sunken, it could be easily improved through filler injection.

As we get older, everyone will face symptoms of aging and would want to maintain our younger condition.

What is suitable anti-aging procedure for me?

Let’s protect our own beauty by diagnosing our current condition and consulting to professionals. 

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