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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Adjusting indoor humidity with air purification plants!

People tend to do more indoor activities than outdoor activities during dry and cold winter.

Our skin and eyes get dried as we use heaters more often.

We can also get various diseases like skin disease and respiratory disease because the humidity level decreases.

Thus the most important factor during winter is humidity.

You may find it difficult to clean humidifier every day when you try to use it to control indoor humidity.

Thus I would like to recommend you to make good use of humidity control plants, our natural humidifier.

Even though it is hard to expect short term result of humidifying indoor atmosphere with plants, they are really good for having continuous and regular humidifying effect.

They control indoor humidity by exhaling moisture through their leaves as a part of respiratory progress.

I will introduce some plants that can control indoor humidity.

Firstly, there is a plant called clusia which is one of representative indoor humidity adjusting plants.

As clusia is weak to cold environment, you have to keep it indoor during winter. The advantage of this plant is that it also has effect of air purification while controlling the humidity.

It is easy to keep clusia as this plant is resistant to drought, thus you just have to water them whenever the soil is dry.

Secondly, there is a plant called Sansevieria stuckyi.

This plant is also easy to keep, and you just have to water it once a week as this plant is always moisturized.

As this plant also has effect of electromagnetic interception, you can have it near electronic machine at home to have two effects at the same time.

Thirdly, there is a plant called money tree which is from Mexico and South America.

This plant is good for air purification as it has strong ability to remove carbon dioxide. It also has effect of improving on concentrating ability while sedating our mind.

Additionally, this plant is a good plant which doesn’t require any special care.

Finally, there is a plant called Vicks plant which smells like apple when it is slightly touched.

This plant’s beautiful rosy scent clears our head, and is good for our respiratory system due to its great humidifying ability.

This plant can grow well if you water it once or twice a month, and it is not good for you to water this plant often.

You don’t have to worry about catching cold if you can just manage the humidity with our natural humidifier!

How about getting beautiful plants that can create good atmosphere while purifying the air?

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