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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do i need protruding chin surgery?

Do i need protruding chin surgery?
Protruding mouth is divided into bialveolar protrusion for which only the teeth are protruding out and skeletal protrusion for which the maxillae is protruding out in accordance with the causes of appearance of protrusion of the mouth, and precise surgical plan must be made according to the causes.

 1. What is protruding chin ?

Protruding mouth refers to the protrusion of mouth in relations to the tip of the nose or chin due to protrusion of teeth or maxillae.
In medical terms, it is referred to as bimaxillary protrusion and is the situation in which the occlusion of the molar is normal but the frontal teeth or maxillae is protruded forward. If the mouth is protruded out, it gives unrefined feeling.
2. protruding chin surgery is recommended for those who?

  • Have a grumpy face from a protruding mouth
  • Have a revealing gum when smiling due to protruding gum
  • Have a mouth that can’t be completely shut and mouth remains open
  • Have knots on the edge of the jaw when mouth is clenched

 3. Type of protruding chin

1. Have a long face with protruding chin
This case, you will need orthodontic treatment due to maloclussion

2. Have a long face and reveals gum when you smile
setting back the lower chin and need to reduce the length of the middle part

3. Have a long face with big lower jaw
We need to reduce the size of the jaw, and need to set back

4. If the lower chin is longer than average or is asymmetrical
setting back the chin, and need to pull up the dent part

5. If you have asymetry chin shape
We need to try to make it asymetry as possible, and need to set back


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