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Anti-Swelling Treatment, Which is Just As Importat As The Surgery itself.

Many people are concerned not only about the surgery, but also about the post-operative care.
Both rational and inevitable cause might be the reasons why someone decided to undergo a surgery.
Although you have been worrying about the result for a long time, in the end, after you have decided to do the surgery, you need to be satisfied with the result.
However, even though the surgery has ended, you still have to deal with the recovery process (swelling, bruising, body waste excretion, etc). Post-operative care has to be done correctly because it is the next important thing after the surgery itself that you need to be concerned about.

Consuming spicy and salty food after surgery could worsen the swollen area and might cause edema, which is a different type of swelling. Since it is a different type of swelling, of course the treatment you will have after surgery is different too. Depending on the physical and health condition of each person, the length of recovery might differ. Swelling after plastic surgery happens because your blood vessels are damaged from the incisions, which will bleed and cause swelling as well as bruising. Swelling might get worse a few days after the surgery. Hence, you should know how to do a proper post-operative care.

First of all, since your body is still healing, a big amount of your blood tends to gather near the wounded area. That is why we recommend you to position your body 15° higher when sleeping and use ice pack as often as possible. Also, you need to take antibiotics as prescribed in order to prevent infection.

Secondly, you need to reduce the swelling as your circulation increase. This process should be started 3 to 4 days after the surgery. At this time, it is better to use warm pack instead of ice pack and it is also recommended to do light exercises to increase your circulatory system. However, heavy exercises and sauna are prohibited because it could expand your blood vessels. Next on the list is consuming food that helps reduce swelling. Consuming food that stimulates blood circulation and urine excretion, such as pumpkins, cucumbers, red beans, beans, corns, and others, will help to reduce swelling.

Finally, using unproven home remedies to cure your swelling might have side effects, which could make your condition worse. For those who do not have much time to wait for the swelling to subside, you should visit the same hospital, where you did your surgery, and go through the recommended anti-swelling care. Remember, you should be aware of your own condition. Curing swelling is not by draining water from your body, but only removing your body waste.

Anti-Swelling Treatment, Which is Just As Important As The Surgery Itself

After surgery, Swelling, Post-operative care, Treatment Anti-Swelling Treatment, Which is Just As Important As The Surgery Itself

After surgery, Swelling, Post-operative care, Treatment
Anti-Swelling Treatment, Which is Just As Important As The Surgery Itself
After surgery, Swelling, Post-operative care, Treatment


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