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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Real Story of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

My Real Story of Rhinoplasty Surgery
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

First Story: Visit and Consultation

Hello, I am a foreigner living in Korea and I came from Thailand.

When I first came to Korea, my first impression on Korean women are that they are so pretty.  Their face line, eyes, nose and all the proportion looks so pretty and amazing.
I was always self-conscious about my nose.  My nose is very short, wide nostrils, and almost no volume from the side view, which made me feel insecure.
People around me recommended having rhinoplasty surgery and since I was getting that comment a lot; I started to consider about the surgery
I searched the internet about the rhinoplasty and found Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was very well known for the surgery.  It is located near Gangnam subway station, which is line #2, come out from exit #10, walk straight for few minutes and you will see Pagoda building.  Go up to 17th floor.

I really like the clinic from the moment I arrived.   Everyone was so polite and they took and paid special attention on me since I’m a foreigner.  I looked around and saw many other foreigners just like me.

I did made a reservation so when I arrived I filled out a form and went right to the face to face consultation.  My consultant was so beautiful and she knew exactly what my problem was.  She mentioned that most of the Southeast Asians have big and pretty eyes but short nose like me.  On the same day of consultation, I met with the surgeon and he said that my nose is shorter than the other people.

I was worried that I won’t be able to have surgery but he said that I can with nose extension and nostril reduction.
I think the safety is the first priority and should be done at once at the right place.  Also, since I am a foreigner and living alone, it would be hard for me if something goes wrong.  At Wonjin, there are 6 anesthesiologists, so I felt confident about the safety.,

Since the consultation went very well, I made a decision right away to get my nose surgery at Wonjin.  So I made the surgery reservation on the same day of consultation.  I am so excited and can’t wait to see my new nose.  On my next posting, I will show you before and after photos.

Before I finish, let me tell you the address for Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.  If you want to have a consultation regarding nose or considering having surgery, why not visit Wonjin for the face to face consultation.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
Pagoda B/D 17th floor, 1306-6, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-3477-3300
Gangnam Subway Station Exit #10, Sinnonhyun Subway Station Exit #6


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