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Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Maximize the Effect of Liposuction?

How to Maximize the Effect of Liposuction?

On the previous posting, we discussed about the effect and benefit of liposuction.

Today, we will talk about the how to boost up the effect after liposuction. As with any surgery, the effect can be maximized and recovery can be faster, depending on the after care.

First of all, moderate exercise can maximize the effect of liposuction!
There can be pain and discomfort due to wearing the compressive garment.  However, it will slow down the recovery if you don’t move around.  It is recommended to walk and exercise continuously, in order to loose unnecessary fat and reduce swelling.

Secondly! Healthy diet is a must!
You will not gain weight on the area where liposuction was done, since the fat cell has been removed.  However, if you continue on the uncontrolled diet, it will eventually increase the size of remaining fat cells.  Please make sure to get on the right diet for your health and drink a lot of water.  It is important to have nutritious and balanced diet, instead of eating less.  Also, avoid food with high calories, for example, fried and stir-fried in oil.  Also, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Third! Please keep all the postoperative requirements!
It is very important to follow all the postoperative requirements for faster and safe recovery.  Please avoid drinking and smoking.  Make sure to wear the compressive garment and keep all your follow-up appointments.

Fourth!  Relax and take care of yourself!
After liposuction, there can be swelling and bruising, depending on the individual’s condition.  Before liposuction surgery, special fluid is injected to separate the fat and to make fat evenly during the extraction.  This fluid will be discharged from the body with swelling gradually.  That’s why it will look swollen in the beginning but the line will appear as the time goes by.  Also, the fat was separated from the skin so it needs time to recover.

The result and effect of surgery can be different depending on how much care and how well you cared.  Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will do our best to provide the best care and service for our patients.


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