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Monday, June 27, 2016

Eyelid Surgical Method for Beautiful Eyes

Eyelid Surgical Method for Beautiful Eyes

The surgical method for eyelid varies by each patient. Let’s find out about correct eyelid surgery type for myself !
Not only in Korea, but around Asia, eyelid surgery is the most common plastic surgery for both men and women.
Now days, patients who come for consultation regarding eyelid surgery study and research about what kind of surgical method is suitable for themselves.
However, about the surgical method they thought and what surgeon suggested is different, that’s when they reconsider to get the surgery done. In order to avoid that, let’s learn about types of eyelid surgery.

Know yourself
Some patients just come to the clinic with photo of celebrities and ask to make similar or same as the photo. They say ‘make my eyes same as this photo’. Human have different looks for each of them, and the method to be performed cannot be always the same, or achieve to be the same or similar to eye shape they like.

Eyelid Surgical method 1: With of eyes
Width is very important for Double eyelid line creation. When width is short, even after eyelid surgery, very round double eyelid is created which cannot make the double eyelid thinker as the patient wish. In this case, Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty is suggested with double eyelid surgery. 

[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s Magic- Epicanthoplasty]

[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s Lateral & Hot’zcanthoplasty]

Eyelid Surgical method 2: Height of eyes
In order to have big eyes, height of eyes is very important. Big eyes cannot be achieved only by widening the width. Also symptoms of tired looking eyes are caused by weakened eye opening muscle. There is surgical method called Ptosis correction to improve this symptom.

[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s Double Eyelid surgery]
Eyelid Surgical method 3: Space between Eyebrows and eyes
Space between eyebrows and eyes should not be too far apart, or too close together. If there is too much space, the eyes look relatively small, and when it is too close, thick eyelid does not look good on it.


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