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Must-haves for the people that work in an office!

Must-haves for the people that work in an office! There should be more than just piles of workload on your work desk!
Quite often, people are overworked and it can cause some health issues. Thus, we will be looking at a number of must-haves that can be very useful.

1. Artificial tears & eye drops

Work that involves long hours of computer use can cause dry and tired eyes; this also includes the use of smartphones. When we think about it, our eyes really never rest. If you use eye drops of artificial tears every now and then, it can help temporarily ease the dryness.

2. Humidifier

Being exposed to aircon all day inside the office can bring unexpected dryness/irritation to the skin, also there are many with damages to their bronchus. Thus, it will be beneficial to have a personal humidifier to keep up the moisture level.

3. Cushion

Cushion isn’t an item for your desk, but, if you are sitting at your desk for long hours, there will be a lot of stress on your back. This is where the cushion comes in and it’s a must have!

4. Mouth spray, chewing gum and toothbrush

When your job involves customer service and frequent meetings or sales, mouth odor is one of the many important things to consider. Items like mouth spray, chewing gum and toothbrush can be used whenever and wherever as a solution to mouth odor.

5. Hand sanitizer

It is inevitable for the people going to work to avoid the use of public spaces and installs. The use of keyboard and computer mouse is extremely common, as well as, grabbing door knobs are only a few of the examples. They all involve our hands to either grab or hold, which expose us to germs and bacteria. Thus, it is ideal to have a hand sanitizer to sterilize our hands.

6. Vitamin

If you are always tired due to work overload, Vitamins A, B, C and D are beneficial supplements and they should be taken. Although, vitamin doesn’t act as carbohydrate, fat or protein for our body to build and grow, it has the ability to turn important nutrients smoothly into our metabolism.


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