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Plastic Surgery Real Diary : Men Plastic surgery Review!

Face Contour Surgery Review (Korean Plastic surgeryReview ♥ )

Surgery Area: Face Contour , Eye (Incisional double eyelid surgery/Epicanthoplasty), Rhinoplasty

[Before surgery] Ready to be reborn after the military services

I ‘ve been thinking a lot about my face while I was discharged from Korea military services. I used to be afraid of facial bone surgery, but I am not afraid any more, so I decided to do the surgery. They offer discounted price when I combined with eyesnose, so I just decided that I am gonna do everything together.

[3 days after surgery] – It has been 3 days, and my face is swollen

I went to the hospital yesterday and doctor said, I am inclined to get swollen easily than other patients. When I went consultation, the consultant said, they have ‘WONJIN VIP SWELLING CENTER’. At that time I didn’t listen carefully and just ignore it… lol….. I am very grateful for they have swelling care now!!!!My swellings are a lot better after I received several swelling cares.

[7 days after surgery] – I still have swelling, but I have a nose bridge now!!! Wow!!

After remove nose cast, it is my first time to see my new nose today. I still have swelling and bruising, but look at this!! Already look sharp and feel masculine haha I cannot wait to see my final nose after swelling is all gone.

[14 days after surgery] – After removed all the stiches, it is easier to talk and eat.

After removed all the stitches, I am more than satisfied with my nose. My side facial profile also looks slimmer than before even my brother and mother can see the difference too.

[30 days after surgery] – No need a mask!

I used to wear a mask when going out, but nowadays I do not need a mask. It already looks natural haha.. Sometimes, when I look at my face in a subway windowglass door, I am surprised because I look so handsome hahhahaha

[4 months after surgery] Now I understand what it means that heart leaps up when I look at his / her face

When I was young, I thought it was ridiculous when the girls said idols made my days. However, I said to this ridiculous things to myself after see my face….What the…..Anyway, million thanks to Dr. Park ..should I call father from now? haha

[8 months after surgery] Now I understand what you mean that heart leaps up when I look at my face

Before the surgery, when someone said handsome to me, I feel like it sarcasm and teasing. But these days, I feel they are true lol..

[One year after surgery] I do not regret having undergone surgery.

Now I think this is my real face. I do not think anybody will know unless my friends, who I know since I was a child, tells my before surgery face when they are drunken. I become a good-looking face (naturally lol), every my family members say just amazing. In the future, if my son wants to do plastic surgery, then my answer is 100% agree and I will recommend you to have the surgery before you get older.


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