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Getting pretty without plastic surgery? Side effects of DIY plastic surgery gadget

Recently, there are lots of people who are looking for DIY plastic surgery gadget, especially in Asia. It is easy to use and the price is low so those products are being popular including double eyelid tape, double eyelid glasses, Nose Secret, face band and etc. However, the effectiveness is not certain and if they are using it thoughtlessly for long time, there will be followed side effects so it needs extra care of using it. We will find out those side effect can be caused from DIY plastic surgery gadget.

1. Double eyelid glasses
This tool is a simple eyeglass frame with two curved plastic wires in to make double eyelid line. Those plastic wires press on the eyelids and supposedly create double-eyelids by using five minutes a day. It doesn’t sound so bad, but that means five minutes of no blinking since these wires force the eyes to remain open. Blinking is an essential process to keep the eyes constantly moist and prevents dry eye syndrome. The glasses also cause the eyelids to lose their elasticity and can induce blepharochalasis, or inflammation of the eyelid tissue that causes stretching and subsequent atrophy of the eyelids.

2. Double-eyelid Tape & Glue
It is a clear medical tape or glue to create the ‘double eyelid’ effect and appearance of rounder and larger eyes. Although it looks very simple and is easy to use, it still comes with side-effects. If you are stimulating your eyelid with the glue or peeling off the tape, the eyelid is getting loosen and sagged also it might remain scar as it kills part of the cell on eyelid.

3. “Kobbong” also known as the “NoseSecret”
This is a tiny plastic and bendable splint shaped like the letter “C” and is placed inside the nostril to push up the tip of the nose for an instant change and effect. However, if you are using it constantly, it may cause side effect. The inside of the nose is very sensitive, and contains mucous membranes and many blood vessels. Putting foreign substances into the nose can cause infections and inflame blood vessels.


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