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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of 3

[In Min Ilbo] Natural Looking Cosmetic Surgery

The trend nowadays in Korea is "natural looking" cosmetic surgery. Compared to the past, people are now less fearful about plastic surgery and it has become a common phenomenon. However, there are still people who want to keep the fact that they received surgery, a little secret. 

But can many people be satisfied with surgical results that may or may not look different after surgery? With much research and experience, it does not seem that way. During the consultation, patients say that they would like natural results but on the contrary, after the surgery, they complain that friends and family tell them they do not look like they had surgery at all. 

Ironically, patients say they want natural results before the surgery but after the surgery, they want it to be noticeable. The main reason patients undergo surgery is to correct or fix a part of them they dislike, but if the change is not noticeable, then the patients believe their desired correction area has not been corrected. Honestly, who would like to go through energy and time and a whole lot of money just to receive surgery that don't even show? 

So at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, rather than focusing on bring natural or unnatural effects, we focus on which area the patient would like to enhance and how they would like to correct it. Then, we determine the outcome of the procedure and how much more natural it will become during recovery. We also predict the change in size and shape, and if the proportions will be the same or different, and if they will look awkward or not. 

In conclusion, we provide surgery effects that look noticeably changed but also natural overall. 

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