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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Revision Surgery for Double Eyelids

Types of Double Eyelid Revision Surgery 

Question: I have a lot of fat on my eyes so I received double eyelid surgery when I was in high school. But the double line is still really thick and unnatural. I was wondering if there are ways to correct it? 

Answer: Double eyelid correction or revision surgery is for patients who received double eyelid surgery before, and wishes to correct the line and shape of the eyelids. The double lines are usually thick and looks swollen (also known as the "sausage line"), they are asymmetrical, or sometimes the double lines come undone. Other than the stated above, there may be visible scars or the patient may simply feel unsatisfied with the shape or size of the double lines. 

Types of double eyelids 

The scars are large and visible 

The double lines are thick and look swollen (sausage line)


The patient is simply unsatisfied with the size or shape 

The most important thing is to find the right method for the revision surgery and visit an experienced surgeon who can customize the surgery for each patient. However, after receiving the first surgery, wait at least 6 months for the scars to heal and the surgical area to settle. If the surgery is still not satisfying even after waiting, visit the clinic again for revision surgery. 

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