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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye My Little Piggy Nose

Real Diary: Short & Upturned Nose Correction

My nose was really upturned like a piggy nose so it was just so stressful for me. I had no choice but to visit a plastic surgery clinic. 

I heard from my friends that Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was famous for their nose surgeries so I decided to receive a consultation there. Straight after the consultation, I decided to get surgery at this hospital hehe. 

I was really worried that my nose might turn out ugly but I'm so glad I made this decision! People tell me that I look so much prettier now haha 

And on the plus side, my face looks smaller than before and my friends tell me I look more sophisticated. I wish I could just kiss the doctor who operated on me and also the medical crew who answered all my dumb questions and took care of me. 

Thank you for everything! :D 

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