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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Breast Augmentation

Real Diary: My husband was against it, but now he loves it! 

Before I gave birth, my breasts were not that bad even though I always thought they were somewhat small compared to other women my size. But after I gave birth and began breast feeding, my breasts became close to nothing. I was very skinny, and when my breasts disappeared, it just looked really depressing. I convinced my narrow-minded husband so that I could receive breast surgery. 

During the consultation, I asked the doctor to give me full A cups. The doctor and the consultant both told me that full B cups would look good on me and that I might regret it if I get too small implants. However, I thought that since my frame is small, it would look strange if I had enormous breasts. So I had them insert implants that were 235 cc and I'm so satisfied! They look just right on my body and like my natural breasts! 

After the surgery, I guess I didn't have that much of a hard time. The surgery was performed through my areola (incision) so it didn't affect my arm usage. Oh, but there are occasions when it would really really hurt like when closing the trunk of your car, pumping your shampoo bottle, or wiping the floor. It's best to just live like a princess for the first month right after the surgery. 

So I strongly recommend this surgery to patients whose children have all grown up or single people hehe. I had a baby that was a year old and also did household chores. Now that it has been about 2 months since the surgery, I realize that I waited too long before making my decision to go on the operation table. 

My husband who was against the surgery at first is happy because I'm happy. And my friends are so envious of me that the say they want to get the surgery done too! I thank the doctors who did a fabulous job and the consultants and the managerial staff who took care of me. 

Thank you all! 

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