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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Went to Work Straight After Double Eyelid Surgery

Real Story: Double Eyelid Surgery

I've always been troubled by my tiny and bland looking eyes.
Recently, I told people around me that I wanted to get a consultation, and my 
coworker recommended Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. 
So I just visited without much expectations, but I loved how the consultation went. I immediately made 
a reservation that same day and I felt so nervous and excited at the same time! 
During the actual surgery day, everybody was very kind to me 
and took care of me after the surgery as well. 

After the surgery, the stitches were hardly visible and there wasn't much swelling. 
That was the best part because I had to go to work right after my surgery hehe 
My friends tell me that the surgery went really well and that they want to get their eyes done too. 
I am more than satisfied with the results. 
Also, it's been only 2 months since the surgery but I feel that the swelling is 
all gone and the shape of my eyes are extremely natural. 
Thank you so much to the doctors and nurses who made all this possible. 
Now I am much more confident with my large, beautiful eyes :D 

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