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Monday, August 18, 2014

Upturned Nose

How do I fix my upturned nose aka piggy nose?

Question: My nostrils are visible from the front even when I'm standing still. It's short and blunt and I'd like to receive surgery to correct it. Is it a hard surgery to perform and only available in larger clinics?

Answer: A short nose is described to have a short and upturned nose, and when viewed from the front, the nostrils are visible. Correcting a short, upturned nose is one of the most intricate surgeries among the nose surgeries and must be done by an experienced surgeon. 

Usually, an upturned nose has a raised angle of approximately 110 degrees. If an implant is inserted, it may raise the nose higher, allowing the nostrils to be more easily seen, so a careful planning of the operation is needed beforehand. There are a few methods for the surgery: cartilage surgery, cartilage grafting, and a combination of cartilage surgery, grafting and rhinoplasty augmentation. 

Cartilage Surgery: If the "wings" of the nose cartilage inside the nose are raised, then the sides of the wings are removed and fixated towards the bottom so that the cartilage is pointing down. 

Cartilage Grafting: If lengthening the nose tip is not enough, a cartilage is grafted between the septal cartilage and the "wings" so that the tip is lengthened. The cartilage used is usually septal cartilage.

Combination Surgery: a combination surgery after cartilage surgery and cartilage grafting. The nose bridge and tip are raised and then an implant is inserted and an ear cartilage is added on the tip. 

The surgery on average lasts about 1.5 hours - 2 hours and the patient can return home on the day of the surgery. The thread is removed 5-7 days later and visits to the clinic is required 2-3 times. Return to daily activity is possible after thread removal. But the most important thing is to find the most suitable surgery so you must receive a consultation from a skilled doctor with much experience. 

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