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Friday, August 22, 2014

What is Instant Nose Surgery?

What is Instant Nose Surgery? 

In Korea, it's called "Kopong" and it is the nose equivalent of a push up bra or fake eyelashes. They are mini self cosmetic surgery equipment to lift the nose so that the nose has a smooth and taller shape. 

Some of these self equipment can create double eyelids, make the face slimmer, and even get rid of smile lines next to the nose! These are actually available in the market openly and is less burdensome than surgery so teenagers purchase them easily. Now out of these various self surgery devices, the "Kopong" has recently become an online sensation. It is made of plastic material and is inserted in the nostrils like a support fixture to raise the nose tip.  

However, it is dangerous to put small plastic bits inside the nose because it might cause bleeding, infections, and may cause the nose to become stretched out. There was a case of a patient who inserted the "Kopong" for a month and then later had them removed at the hospital. Another patient inserted small sized ones inside the nose, then changed into larger ones but also had to have them removed at the hospital. 

The patient above knew that she was getting infections but she could not stop using these since they made her nose look taller. Dr. Bang Chi Young at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group says, "these "Kopong" devices stimulate the nose skin and may cause scarring on the walls, which can lead to infections. It is not recommended to use them for long term." 

If you have too much desire to become beautiful, it may rather bring you harm. If there is anyone out there who is considering purchasing these devices, make sure to read about the safety and side effects first. Remember to wear them only for a short term! 

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