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Proud Korean traditional tea

Korean traditional tea is a proud culture that has a healthy history. There is a good tea for each season, so you can drink tea based on seasonal flavor. There are many kinds of Korea traditional tea. It is made by tea leaves, fruits, flowers, roots, shells…etc. The ancestors made tea by taking into consideration the taste as well as the health, and they did not stop just from drinking, but also created Korean tea culture. Today, we are going to see what kinds of traditional teas are in Korea.

1. Chrysanthemum tea
Chrysanthemum is a type of traditional tea that is rinsed and dried in hot water containing bamboo salt, so you can feel the aroma and taste of chrysanthemum. It is good for liver and eye function, cleanses hair and is especially good for woman.

2. Omija Tea
It is called ‘Omija’ because it has all five flavors. It is a tea that is poured on dired berries and drinks with honey or sugar. It is good for restoring fatigue, regenerating, and good for bronchial health.

3. Balsam apple tea
Balsam apple’s appearance is little unique, but it has a variety of nutritional ingredients that are really good for your health. Especially there are contains huge amount of Vitamin C. ‘Yeoju-Korean balsam apple’, made up of dietary fiber, carotene, folic acid, potassium, and iron, is known to be very helpful for diabetes because it is rich in natural insulin.

4. Acanthopanax Tea
Ogapi enhances the energy of the liver and kidney and helps strengthen the bones and joints. Even if only the liver and kidney are healthy, many parts of our body can get vitality.

5. Saeng Maek’ Tea
‘Saeng Maek’ tea, one of the Korean traditional tea varieties, is made of various materials includes ‘MaekMundong’, ‘Omija’, ‘Hwanggi’, and licorice...etc. During the hot summer days, a livelihood that loses its taste and adds energy to a languid body. This tea is recommended to drink in the summer.

6. Milk vetch root tea
It is a medicinal herb that is prescribed when there is no energy and no appetite. It is a good tea that helps various kinds of health such as blood circultation, diuretic action, strengthening immunity, stomach and liver.

In addition, there are many traditional Korean teas. Traditional tea has more than one kind of efficacy, and in the past it was also used as a medicinal product. On this cold day, why don’t you drink Korean traditional tea rather than coffee to keep you healthy?


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