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Supermodel’s unique skin care methods!

1) Miranda Kerr’s brush that flattens cellulites!

Miranda Kerr is the world’s most beloved supermodel for her baby face and a glamorous body! According to her, her tight body shape is maintained with a brush massage, which softens the skin, removes the unnecessarily old cells and enhances lymph cycle in order to refrain from cellulites.

2) Gisele Bundchen’s olive oil and salt scrub!

Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian supermodel with a chocolate tan skin and sexy charm. Her self-made body scrub, which is a mixture of olive oil and sea salt, is the key to her sexy and tight body.

3) Karolina Kurkova’s coconut cleansing oil!

Karolina Kurkova is both a model and an actress from the Czech Republic and she was once registered in the Guinness book of Records as a model with the longest legs. She says that using coconut oil for makeup removal is very effective in soothing and keeping the skin moisturized.

4) Naomi Campbell’s coffee scrub!

Naomi Campbell is well-known for being the most famous one among all other Black models. She has a history of dominating the model industry immediately after her dubut with exceptional elegance and sexiness. She makes her own body scrub with coffee powder in order to maintain that dark beautiful skin! Coffee powders are known for removing fats and cellulites, and the more caffeine included, the more effective for skin elasticity.

5) Gigi Hadid’s toothpaste for acne breakouts!

America’s top model Gigi Hadid has her own unique way of treating acnes. She applies toothpaste on the area before sleep! Some Koreans also believe that applying soju or toothpaste on the acne can be a home remedy, and this is probably because people believe that the alcohol in soju and menthol ingredient in toothpaste may help cure it. However, since acnes are sensitive due to inflammation, it is not really recommended to follow!


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