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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Received Double Eyelids and a New Nose

Real Story: Double Eyelids and Nose Surgery

My nose was flat and my nose tip was pointing downwards which was really stressful for me
One day, one of my cousins told me that she received surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and it came out very nicely, so I decided to come for a consultation. I was only thinking of getting a consultation for my nose, but when I heard from cases of other people, I really wanted to get my eyes done too @_@. I felt that I could trust this hospital because my friends got surgery here as well.

My friends were worried that the recovery process might become longer if I get both my eyes and nose done at the same time. But now that I actually went ahead with the surgery, the recovery wasn't bad at all! When it became 2 weeks after the surgery, I could go outside and hang out with my friends. I guess the recovery process differs from person to person, but it was really quick for me hehe 

Before I had the surgery, I hated taking pictures from the side because of my sloping nose but now I just can't stop from taking selfies hehe I feel like we'll be having a cosmetic surgery contest in our family soon because my aunties saw my results and now they want to get surgery done too! 

Thank you doctors for giving me a pretty new nose and eyes, and thank you staff members who helped me with everything before & after the surgery! 

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