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Friday, September 19, 2014


Question: I have double eyelid but still too small. What kind of surgery shall I need to do?

Answer:    Ptosis correction + Lateral hotz canthoplasty (lowering the outer corners)


      Canthoplasty is opening the lateral angle of the eyes and making them look bigger. The eyes become horizontally longer and also bigger and the upward corner of the eyes become calm and smoothe.

      Canthoplasty is incising the lateral angle of the eyes and lengthening the eyes. 2-3mm will be extended and the angle is faced down if it is facing upwards. Before there was a simple method of canthoplasty, with less swelling but the effects were not so thorough and after sometime it would become its original state.

       Recently there is a "Multy  Lateral Hotz Cantoplasty"made by Wonjin. "Multy  Lateral Hotz Cantoplasty"cut the specific tissue which has the effect of bonding skins so that skins restore its original position after some time.
      This surgery costs 30minutes and stitch will be removed 7 days after surgery.


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