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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Escape from Square Jaw

Real Story: Facial Contouring

Ever since I was a student, I've always been stressed out about my square looking face. I was shy and not confident about my looks so I would often hide the shape of my hideous face with my hair. I heard from people around me that Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was specializing in facial contouring, so I paid them a visit. 

The hospital was really big and spacious, and the nurses and beautiful employees were so kind and helpful. I decided to get the surgery that day after a consultation :) hehe 

It has been about 3 months now since my surgery, and my friends tell me that my face is slimmer and I look feminine. 

Now that I have escaped from my strong jaw, my life is completely different! I feel so much more confident and am closer with people around me. I want to thank the doctors and nurses who gave me another opportunity at life. 

After surgery

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