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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Motiva Ergonomix breast implant, just feels like your own breasts

Many women try hard to emphasize on their femininity. People say that it is women’s instinct for them to show off their femininity so they try to present their charm through their clothes, perfumes, makeup, and so on.

On the aspect of plastic surgery, they improve on their femininity through breast augmentation representatively.

Women’s breast is a part of body that represents femininity while taking an important and precious role of breast feeding.

Therefore decision on breast augmentation has to be made very cautiously.
Today, I will introduce Ergonomix breast implant that has been newly released from Motiva Implant Company for women who are considering on breast augmentation.

Until now, many plastic surgery patients and surgeons were worried about round shaped implant’s rippling symptoms or tear drop shaped implant’s rotations.

There are patients and surgeons who are disappointed about unnatural shape and texture after surgeries.

Since breast augmentation is done on skinny patients or patients who have unbalanced small breasts especially, the breast implants could be significant on the patient’s upper body where there is less fat or when the patient is lying down.

However Motiva implant’s unique flexibility due to the combination of elastomer and rheological feature allows natural looking movements of the implant’s gel from round shape to tear drop shape according to the gravity.

Thus this allows the closest shape and texture to natural breast tissue as it becomes tear drop shaped when the patient is standing up while it spreads like real breasts when the patient is lying down.

Motiva breast implant increased its flexibility and cohesiveness by its high-technical skill of increased molecular bonding of silicone gel.

This also means that the incision area could become smaller.

Incision area and the size of incision effects on the swelling after implant insertion, and Motiva Ergonomix breast implant allows smallest incision due to its great flexibility and cohesiveness.

Motiva Ergonomix breast implants have 4 different sizes which allow the patients to choose more suitable size of implants for them.

Motiva Ergonomix breast implant is not available at any plastic surgery clinic.

There are more than 500 plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, however Motiva implants are only supplied to clinics that fulfills their thorough evaluation.

WONJIN can be picked as the No. 1 plastic surgery clinic out of clinics that is available for Motiva.

Meet Motiva breast implant, which has almost same texture, movement and shape to your own breast at WONJIN, university hospital leveled clinic for safe surgery performed by experts!

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