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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Long nose surgery-You may look older because of your long nose!

Do people say that you look old when you have pretty eyes and nose?

Long nose could be the reason!

There are some factors that make one look older than her/his age and long nose is one of them.

However not many people are aware about this fact.

There are many people who desire for longer nose without considering their condition because they think long and straight nose is pretty.
However your face could be unbalanced if you want your nose to be long when you want your eyes to be round and defined because round and defined eyes looks younger when long nose creates more mature impression.

You may not get this by reading texts, so compare these before and after photos below!

People with long or big nose tend to have bigger tissue and septum cartridge than normal nose.

Thus during surgery, these parts are reduced in size or inserted into different area to balance out and the drooping nose tip gets lifted.

Patients with wide nasal bone or hump could also get their bone reduced at the same time, and the height of nose bridge could be adjusted by inserting implant at the patients’ preference.

The reason for the implant insertion is to make smoother nose line without any boarder line between the nose tip and nose bridge. Basically, this makes the result more completed.

People with big nose can be concerned that their nose may look even bigger after implant insertion, but it is not true.

The surgery could be done without implant if the patient strongly disagrees with implant insertion, and WONJIN owns thin implants (1mm in thickness) which increase our patients’ satisfaction.

These procedures are performed with open incision and the incision is made on the columella (between your nostrils). The wound appears red at first but it returns to the patient’s own skin color.

Recovery period is different according to person, but normally it takes about 10~15 days and there is no significant discomfort after 7~10 days of surgery as you can start to put makeup on after stitch removal.

As you know the reason for you to look older now, re-born with baby face by getting surgery safely at a clinic that has experienced surgeons~

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