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Dry skin at the change of seasons; let’s protect our skin with moisturizing treatments!

Are you aware that the atmosphere surrounding our skin becomes drier when cool fall comes after the humid summer leaves?

Especially, if you are women who wear makeup, you probably have experienced the annoying moment of makeup being patch due to flakes occur at the change of seasons.
Skin care at the change of seasons is very important as dry skin doesn’t only effect on our makeup, but also able to lead our skin to skin ailments such as xeroderma, atopic dermatitics, psoriasis and so on.

When there is too much flakes, of course it is good to use peeling products that is made with natural AHA components extracted from fruits or milk after great researches to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, combination skin, and oily skin. 

However it is important to prevent dryness and moisturize our skin continuously as we cannot use peeling products every day.

So today, I will introduce a great tip to enjoy short-short fall 120 percent, with moisturized and flawless skin!

1. Maintain indoor temperature to 18~20°C, humidity to 70%

Did you know that our skin lose its moisture quickly when the indoor temperature is higher. We can keep our skin’s moisture when we maintain the indoor temperature between 18~20°C.

Also it is ideal for you to maintain the indoor humidity to 70% by using humidifier or wet towels because both of the outdoor atmosphere and indoor atmosphere are very dry at changing seasons.

This habit can also protect us from coughing during changing season as it doesn’t only prevents the dryness on our skin, but also the dryness our bronchial tubes!

2. Avoid extremely hot water and products with high detergency during shower

Is there anything else that makes us feel happy rather than hot shower at the end of the day?

However, cleansing products with high detergency including shampoo, body cleanser, conditioner, and so on makes our skin even dryer as they even clean out the good components forming moisturizing layer our skin while cleaning the wastes on our skin.

Therefore, please fill up our skin with moisture during shower by using hair products that is made with natural components which can clean the wastes while leaving the scalp’s protecting layer, and body products that are specialized in moisturizing!

It is also ideal for you to take a shower or bath during 15 minutes with water temperature of 37~38°C which comforts both our body and skin, as extremely hot water makes our skin aggressive and dry!

3. Moisturize your skin in 3 minutes after shower

Are you aware that there is ‘Golden time’ for skin moisturizing care?

We may easily think that our skin after shower would be really moisturized cause it has been in the water, however as the water on our skin evaporates, it also takes the moisture that our skin already had away.

Therefore we have to moisturize our skin in 3 minutes after shower by applying suitable moisturizer after gently patting our skin with soft towel to wipe out the water.

Please protect the whole skin by applying moisturizer all over your body, not only your facial area!

Best of all, don’t save your face masks on your dry skin during changing seasons as continuous use of face mask is very easy way to see dramatic effect with about 20 minutes investment whenever your skin is dry.

Of course face masks that are out in the market and accessed easily are effective on skin moisturizing, however the 3 step Water Bomb mask from WONJIN EFFECT’s great research and WONJIN dermatologist’s professional skin care know-how can fill up the moisture on dry skin effectively in short period of time during fall due to its toner and ampoule that is made with great components found in nature, and the super slim face mask sheet that has great fitting ability fully filled with eight components that are good for moisturizing such as Aloe Vera, bamboo water, kelp, and so on!

Don’t forget the ‘Golden time’ which is 3 minutes after shower!

4. Consume a lot of water and fruits

It is important to apply moisturizer continuously on skin that becomes dry easily; however the most fundamental skin moisturizing care is to balance out our body’s moisture level.

You will be able to have flawless and moisturized skin soon if you get skin care while consuming water and watery fruits continuously!

5. Clothes made with cotton rather than tight clothes!

It is possible to wear any clothes that you want to wear as it is not cold or hot during fall. However, how about wearing soft clothes made with cotton rather than tight clothes for your skin?

Today, we have thought about moisturizing treatment for dry skin during changing seasons in fall.

Let’s have flawless skin during fall by putting little more effort every day!

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