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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The amazing change that occurs after regular ice massage

There is news on the cold “ICE” that we cannot even put on our skin for few seconds, is actually beneficial on our skin.

If you are concerned about tanned skin from UV rays, redness or wrinkles get your ices out of your fridge and massage your face right now.

I would explain the change that occurs after ice massage below.

1. Anti-aging

If you are worried about your skin getting saggy every day, try to do ice massage every morning.

Ice massage prevents wrinkle formation and aging by improving on the blood circulation.

2. Dark circle improvement

Have you ever felt bad about other people thinking that you look unwell because of your dark circles even when you are totally fine?

Then use the ‘ice’ that brightens dark circles and calms your skin that became sensitive.

3. Heat rash appeasement

Here’s great news for people who suffers from heat rash during hot summer.
You could have the effect of heat rash treatment by cooling down your body temperature when you gently rub ice that is packed in soft cloth against the area where the heat rash is.

4. Swelling and acne reduction

The acne formed during night makes our skin red and swollen which is even hard to cover up with makeup. Rubbing ice against acne has effect of acne appeasement and swelling reduction.

5. Minimize sebum secretion

We always have that moment when you get annoyed on smudged makeup due to sebum secretion. Then let’s stop sebum from getting secreted a lot by tightening our ‘pore’ with ice massage!
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