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Friday, September 30, 2016

FAQ on Anti-aging, consult at WONJIN

1. What is Anti-aging?

Literally, Anti-aging is prevention of aging.

There are various causes of aging, and it sometimes occurs due to inappropriate life style and the lack of care.

2. What kind of Anti-aging treatments
those are available?

There are varieties of Anti-aging treatments those are available according to individual’s age, and there are simple cosmetic products with Anti-aging components, or petite surgeries such as botox, filler, laser lift, or stem cell surgery, and even surgeries like non-incision or incision lifting surgeries.

The easiest way is to use cosmetic products with wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity, or lifting components, however they have to be used continuously for their effect and their result is not instant which is their weakness.

There are injections like botox which improves on wrinkles and fillers which fills up on sunken area, and both of them have to be done regularly while they have the simplest procedure and instant result.

There are multiple laser lifts including Ulthera, Doublo, Thermage and so on, and today we would introduce Ulthera laser treatment.

Ulthera laser uses ultrasonic waves to transfer heat up to SMAS layer which stimulates skin elasticity and collagen regeneration.

Ulthera laser lift is performed while patient is in sleep with about 300 to 500 shots according to individual’s skin droopiness.

Laser lifting treatments are popular between late 20s and early 30s and have advantages of faster recovery and no incision or bleeding.

Patients in late 30s or have low skin elasticity prefer surgical methods.

The most popular ones are thread lifting and incision lifting, and the surgical methods are recommended according to the level of droopiness of individual’s skin.

Thread lifting is a surgery which lifts up saggy skin with threads, and at WONJIN there is a thread lifting called W-Lifting.

We use mint thread that is 0.4mm in thickness to lift up saggy skin as well as stimulating internal skin to encourage collagen production. Other type of threads could be used together according to the level of droopiness of individual’s skin.

Incision lifting is usually recommended for patients in their 50s who have very saggy skin. Since thread lifting is not as effective at this stage, removal of excessive skin has to be performed for effective result.

There are Mini, Mid, and Full face incision lifting available for incision lifting procedures, and the incision is made up to the SMAS layer of patient’s skin. Although incision lifting has the most significant and effective result, it has disadvantage of getting more significant incision scar than non-incision lift procedure, as the incision is made in front or back of the ear, and may even up to patient’s temple.

3. How long does the lifting procedure last?

The lasting period is varied depending on individuals, but laser treatments usually last 1~2 years and the surgical methods usually lasts 3~5 years. However the lasting period changes by how the patients take care of their face as well.

4. What’s the after surgery/treatment
caution for lifting procedures?

Usually, lifting procedures listed above don’t really have major discomfort during daily routine.

Laser lifts might result redness for 3~4 days after the session, however it goes away as time passes by. It is ideal for patients to use cosmetic products with recovering components and sun blocks after laser treatment.

You may experience stretching feeling on your skin right after thread lifting procedure, and it is ideal for the patients to avoid tough and hard foods. Numbness and visible threads might also occur right after thread lifting procedure.

It is ideal for the patients to avoid massaging and wetting the incision area until stitch removal after incision lifting.

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