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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body!

‘Drinking water’ is a tiny habit that is most important for us. Most of people will be aware that our body is formed with more than 70% of water because we hear that often. That is the evidence that let us know how important water is for our body.

You are already aware that water helps on losing weight and waste excretion, right?
Today, I will introduce water drinking habit that helps on losing weight!

‘Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body! 1. Water drinking habit’

It’s ideal for you to drink water frequently when ‘you just woke up’, ‘you are hungry’, ‘before you get thirsty’, ‘is hot’.
It’s better to drink small amount of water frequently than drinking a lot of water at once to increase in water consumption.
Also, drinking water before meal is helpful on losing weight rather than drinking water right after your meal.

‘Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body! 2. The amount of water that we have to drink’

It’s good to drink at least 2L of water per day. If you are not sure how much would it be by 2L, drink at least 8 cups of water in a day~

Especially, drinking at least 2L of water is critical if you are on diet!

That is because the water is one of component that burns fat. Drinking a lot of water helps on burning more fats.

The calorie that you burn while 1L of water gets extracted as urine is whopping 50kcal.

For the people who say ‘I gain weight even I only drink water’, they gain weight because they are not drinking enough amount of water.
When our body send message about low water level to our brain, there is high chance for the nucleus to steal that and make us think that we are hungry.
Thus thirst leads to food consumption and there is high chance of overeating or gluttony.

‘Let’s drink water to have flawless skin and slim body! 3. Healthy water’

Drinking heaps of water is also helpful on our skin health. Moisture is the key point to maintain smooth and elastic skin.
Our skin gets noticeable and dried even when we have slight water shortage.

Drinking heaps of water is good for health as the waste in our body gets secreted. Also it is helpful on losing weight and leads to healthy skin. Let’s keep our body healthy by drinking water before getting thirst, when we feel hungry and even when we are just bored!

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