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Monday, September 26, 2016

Facial asymmetry-Is your face asymmetric? WONJIN will help you.

Sometimes, there are people who have insecurities on their asymmetric face due to the significant difference in the length of their left and right side of face. That is right and left asymmetry symptoms.

All human beings and animal’s right and left symmetry cannot be exactly the same like it’s adjusted by computer. However there is a case which has extreme asymmetry.

For example, it could be called facial asymmetry when the lip is crooked, center of front teeth is not aligned, chin is tilted to one side, size of mouth is different or when your nose and eyes are tilted to one side.

You could check yourself out in the mirror by yourself if you want.

However, why there’s a facial asymmetry symptom?

The cause of asymmetric face is known to be various, including genetically asymmetric face or facial bone damage on jowl area due to ineluctable accident.

Also if you have a habit of chewing foods too much for a long period of time or the imbalanced growth of lower jaw could lead to facial asymmetry.

Asymmetry on lower jaw could be corrected by procedures such as square jaw surgery or genio osteotomy when there is asymmetry according to the center line of the face.

Two jaw surgery and orthodontic treatments could improve on symptoms like mouth protrusion or teeth that are not aligned.

WONJIN plastic surgery clinic has been the biggest plastic surgery clinic in Asia for more than 20 years and performs 1 to 1 professional consultation by more than 60 surgeons according to their specialty area. It is important to get surgeries to correct asymmetric face at clinic that has been around for long period of time and safe.

If you get facial bone surgery at clinics that are not skilled in facial asymmetry correction, the result might look unnatural or appear to be sick as they would reduce the facial bone without detailed analysis and designing. At WONJIN, we provide simulation photo to achieve the best result that is satisfying for the patients.

Have you ever thought that your face is asymmetric?

WONJIN can help you with that!

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