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The ten ways of wrong taking shower habits which we don't know

Have you ever known facts that wrong habits of taking a shower ruins your skin and scalp health?

1. You don't wash your foot.
When we are taking a shower, we are usually washing it head to toe, and thoroughly, sometimes we forget to clean our foot. We may think that soap will go down our body to wash off anyway that's why we forget to wash our foot. However, since germs live in our foot so to prevent propagating from mold or germs, while we are taking a shower, we have to wash our foot even between the toes meticulously.

2. Washing hair every day.
Those people, particularly those with long and thin hair have a tendency of washing it every day, it will be better if they are washing 2~3 times in one week. The oil dripping naturally from the scalp helps with the balancing of their scalp.

3. Taking a shower using with warm water for a long time.
Hot water could remove the moisture and oil from your skin and make it dry; this causes several skin diseases. When you are taking a shower, it is better to use warm water instead of using hot water and try to finish in 10 minutes.

4. Leave your shower ball in your bathroom.
After you take a shower, and if you leave your shower ball in the bathroom at the same spot, the dead cells of the skin will remain in the shower ball and start breeding. That's why, after taking a shower you must clean your shower ball and place it at dry place.

5. After a shower, you don't wash all of your soap bubbles.
In body wash products; there are a "surfactants" that removes even the oil which is a barrier of the skin. When you are choosing body products, you have to try your best to pick ones that environmentally friendly and surfactants as possible. Also, it is better to wash off clearly so that soap bubble cannot remain on it. If bubbles remain on your skin, the skin will be dehydrated.

6. You rub it hard with wet towel after you took a shower.
Your skin might become sensitive if you are rubbing your body too hard with your towel after you take a shower, that's why you have to tap it with moisture towel and remove it or dry naturally.

7. Don't pour cold water.
Before you finish your shower, it will help you with your health if you are pouring cold water for 30 seconds. Taking a shower with cold water prevents you from stress and depression, also helps to relieve the immune system and fat burning activation. These are the beneficial effect on our body.

8. After washing your hair, you wrap it using a towel
You washed your hair, covering your hair using with tower may damage your hair. That's why, you have to remove the water using a dry towel, and it is better to dry the hair using cold wind slowly.

9. You don't take a shower right after you exercise.
Sometimes you are not taking a shower right after exercised because your body got tired; sweat may remain on your skin, causing bacteria. It is recommended to take a shower because it may cause urticarial or rash.

10. Don't put your body lotion right after you took a shower.
Right after you took a shower moisturizing is recommended. It is better to remove water from your body gently using with towel and apply lotion. If you are not moisturizing well, the moisture that remains on the skin evaporates and makes the skin dry.


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