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The daily habits that makes cervical herniated nucleus.

1. Using too high pillow.
Some people use high pillows when they go to the bed. In this case, the neck and shoulders become stiff, and these could cause forward head posture and cervical herniated nucleus.
The C-shaped neck bone is deformed into a straight shape, and the bones, muscles and ligaments are put strained, also snoring and dyspnea can be occurred.
Apart from using high pillows, the habits of sleep upon the abdomen can also cause neck and spinal diseases.

2. Choosing wrong shoes sizes.
The habits of wearing wrong size of shoes, and sleeper, sandal which are likely to easy to take off can also cause cervical herniated nucleus.
When you wear these kinds of shoes, your posture will be unstable, because knees and back cannot be straightened.
This posture pushes the neck forward, puts strain on the muscles, and causes symptoms such as shoulder stiffness.

3. Necklace card holder and Staff cards.
There many people who wear necklace card holders and staff card. They may not feel any weight of them because they are so light; however the necklace card holders and staff cards also can be cause of neck disk.
Wearing a necklace card wallet or staff card every day can cause neck disk and myofascial pain syndrome by tensing the neck and shoulder muscles.

4. Follow excessive dance or yoga poses.
When you follow the excessive dance or yoga poses too hard, these could affect to ligament and disk around the neck.
Especially, if your neck and back are in bad condition, then it could give you reverse effect than good effect, so it is recommended to have a consultation with doctor first before you start it.

5. Sitting on the ground without back of the chair
If you sit down on the ground without the back of the chair, it is easy to ruin your posture. Also, the more you try to maintain a straight posture, the more neck and shoulder muscles will be stiffen and stressed, it gives bad effects to the neck and back area.
Therefore, it is best to avoid sitting on the floor without back of the chair for as long as possible, and if you need to sit on the floor, you should use a floor chair to protect yourself.

6. The habit that lay your head down on the arms of the couch
When you are having a rest at home, you may lay your head down on the arms of the couch and sleeping or watching TV sometimes, even in these cases can cause the cervical herniated nucleus.
In above situation, the neck bone will be bent forward, putting strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, causing pain.
If you want to lie down and watch TV or read books, it is recommended put rolled towels under your neck.


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