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Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep my skin healthy by taking shower every day!

Keep my skin healthy
by taking shower every day!
We take shower at night to relieve the stress and tiredness of the day for a good sleep. But what if this shower is damaging your skin health? US Media, Huffington Post pointed out the improper shower habits and introduced proper shower methods.
-Applying hair conditioner on scalp When hair treatment such as conditioner is applied directly on scalp, it is not good for hair. Dead skin cells may occur on hair root with hair oil. Therefore, when applying conditioner, try to avoid applying on the hair root.

-Take long shower with hot water Exposing skin to hot water for a long time can 
be harmful to skin health. This habit of hot water shower makes skin dry and creates redness. Severe cases can cause itching. Hot water shower is suitable for 5 to 10 minutes.
-Forget to wash the feet Use mild soap to wash the feet and scrub each toes to avoid foot smells and keep clean.

-Does not finish the shower with cold water It is very helpful for skin health to 
take cold water shower for about 30 seconds as finishing up. It prevents skin moisture evaporation and increases fat burning in body.

-Leaving wet shower towels If you leave a wet towel in the bathroom after taking 
shower, germs on wet towel can be active. Taking shower is important, but clean dry is also important. Drying the towel outside of the bathroom is recommended after shower.
-Wipe too hard with towel This habit of wiping the skin too hard with towel makes skin rough. It is prohibited habit for people or kids who have sensitive skin. Gently wipe off water from skin with towel.

-Keep hair wet by covering with wet towel Gently remove moisture from hair by towel and dry the hair with by wind or hair dryer.

-Forget to apply moisturizing cream Not enough moisture supply after taking shower will make skin too dry. It is very important to apply moisturizing cream until skin is well moisture after the shower.

-Skipping shower after exercising There is possibility of proliferation of bacteria when sweat remains on the skin which causes pimples and acne creation. Taking shower right after exercising is recommended.


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