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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group- My Plastic Surgery Story

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group- 

My Plastic Surgery Story for Nose, Face Contouring, and Two Jaw


Waiting for dinner Before surgery I went to an art museum and took some pictures. I am embarrassed about my side view… As you can see my face is long and my lips stick out ㅠ.ㅠ I have a textbook square jaw. Having a long jaw and flat cheeks makes me look much older. I am anxious about my changed appearance after surgery. It’s as if I was eagerly waiting for dinner.

3 days after

Since this surgery involves cutting the bone I was prepared for a lot of pain, but it wasn’t so bad. The hardest part was…breathing… Having my nose get stuffed, I finally realized how precious the ability to breathe nasally was. Looking at myself, I look great! hah hah I am not as swollen as I anticipated. Ah.. I want today to hurry and pass.

7 days after

It’s exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, and it’s back to school T.T I was nervous going back to school because my cheeks looked puffy but when I arrived my friends reactions were great! They all gave me compliments, told me I look younger and more pretty hehe!

2 weeks after

My swelling is reducing day by day~ The tingling in my face has subsided and I can feel my face becoming prettier!! I am performing ice pack massages very consistently. It may be a bit boring but I want to quickly reduce my swelling and be cute again~ 1 months later have compared my picture now with my picture from 2 weeks ago~ There is a big difference right??? It hasn’t been much time but still my swelling is reducing quite well~hehe The swelling has moved down and my cheeks look a bit flat. Nevertheless, you can start to see my V line^^ I heard I can start to apply makeup now and decided to meet my friends. Let’s go!

1 months later

plastic surgery one month after photo It’s already almost been a month since my surgery. My swelling has reduced a lot but I still look a little puffy. I can begin chewing a little now. At first I could only swallow, but I feel happy I can chew again. These days, I am receiving swelling reduction care. The person helping with my treatment told me my swelling has reduced a lot, and that my cheeks have settled a bit. Even though it was hard to do so, I gave a smile as wide as I could.

3 months later

A small face and Sharp nose :)
It feels like forever since I wrote an entry, I hardly notice any swelling now. I have resumed everyday activities and I almost can’t believe I had surgery ~ I quickly got used to braces and am eating well.
I also had another surgery for my nose because it was always one of my complexes. However, when I had the first consultation, the doctor informed me that since two jaw and nose surgeries could not be done at once, so I had to wait for 3 months after I got two jaw surgery.
With my new apperance, I’ve gained a hobby of taking pictures, and I look good from any angle which also makes me smile. When I look at my small face sometimes I wonder if it’s really mine. After receiving nose surgery, I am even more satisfied and most importantly, I feel more confident and happier now.

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