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Plastic surgery in korea before and afterMy plastic surgery story


My name is Dal~~ I have recently decided to get plastic surgery at Wonjin beauty medical group. My wide and plump nose and face have been giving me much stress. The people around me tell me I give off a strong and cold impression. I don’t think I’m a cold person and hearing this makes me so sad..I don't like when people misunderstand me due to my apperance. That is why I made the big decision to get plastic surgery.

3 days after

The nurses tell me that my swelling is not that severe compared to other people’s condition. After 3 days in the clinic, I would have to agree because I saw some people with extremely swollen areas. Time goes by so slow when I am bedridden and just getting treatment~

7 days after

It’s been a week and I went to the clinic to get some treatment. My swelling has reduced a lot and I finally saw my new nose~ although my nose still appears swollen. My breathing has become comfortable and the tingling in my face has all disappeared!

2 weeks after

My swelling is reducing day by day~ The tingling in my face has subsided and I can feel my face becoming prettier!! I am performing ice pack massages very consistently. It may be a bit boring but I want to quickly reduce my swelling and be cute again~ 1 months later have compared my picture now with my picture from 2 weeks ago~ There is a big difference right??? It hasn’t been much time but still my swelling is reducing quite well~hehe The swelling has moved down and my cheeks look a bit flat. Nevertheless, you can start to see my V line^^ I heard I can start to apply makeup now and decided to meet my friends. Let’s go!

1 months later

It’s already been a month!! Time sure does fly quickly. Now the pain is gone and I can sleep comfortably on my sides. My arms can move about freely, but I’m excited just to sleep on my sides I had a bruise like this on my arm last week, but it’s almost not visible so I wear sleeveless shirts outside now. The doctor recommended not wearing a sports bra so I’m just wearing boob shirts and they are sooo comfy!! Now that I have breasts, I don’t have to wear padded bras. I can wear revealing shirts and be more confident! Hehe I look pretty good huh? When I look at these pictures, I really feel that my breasts became large, and it fits perfectly with my body so I am very satisfied ^^

3 months later

My plastic surgery story 3month's after
Bling bling
These days I sometimes forget that I had surgery..^^;; The thing I like the most after getting surgery is taking pictures. My side and frontal profiles all come out great! I think my nose has become the center of attention~I wonder if my swelling persists longer than most peopleif I have naturally plump cheeks. Whichever the case, when I wake up in the morning my cheeks become plump!
However, now I can eat well and I don’t feel any pain!!! There are a lot of people who want to see the new apperance of me. My friends, who already seen me, keep telling me that I’ve become much cuter and more attractive~ I'm so happy and satisfied with my attractive nose!! It looks so natural ^^


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