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Monday, May 30, 2016

Wonjin’s Bodyline & Liposuction

Wonjin’s Bodyline & Liposuction

Wonjin creates beautiful and well balanced bodyline!  At Wonjin, we perform from mini liposuction to large volume liposuction.

01.   Does skin gets uneven and saggy after liposuction?

Many people are concerned about uneven and saggy skin, which is considered as a side effect; occurs when excessive fat is extracted and the muscle membrane and skin is swollen. At Wonjin, we perform customized procedure for the individual in order to avoid the side effect.

02.   Causes yo-yo syndrome after liposuction?

In order to prevent yo-yo syndrome, the number of fat cell needs to be decrease sufficiently.  It is different from minimizing the size of fat cell by exercising and dieting.  At Wonjin, we decrease the number of fat cell so that there is no gaining of fat.

03.   Weight loss after liposuction?

There is a weight loss effect when the number of fat cell decreases and size get smaller.  The difference in the weight reduction may not be big but the condition of body gets changed, so it will be easier to lost weight than before.


Wonjin is equipped with every kind of devices, but we do not just reply on the equipment.  The most important priority is the surgeon’s experience and precise handling.

Wonjin’s goal is not just removing the fat but finding the balance by minimizing the damaging of tissue nerve and blood vessels. It is Wonjin’s skill to preventing the skin unevenness and without scar.

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