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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Which part of our face do we do fat grafting?

The reason why we do Fat grafting is to have more volume skin right?
Then why do we have to make the sunken skin more volume?

For women’s face, there should be no curves on their overall face. But if there is shadow on the sunken area, it can make the person’s appearance very dark, weak, and strong.
Normally there are many people with sunken forehead.

The fat grafting is possible on the lip area as well.

If you think the dark circles are too severe for you, I want to suggest you doing fat grafting on the sunken area.

And! If there is a wrinkle showing on the upper eyelid area, you can also do fat grafting on that part as well.

To give the jaw line look slimmer, we can also do fat grafting there as well.

And for more volumised hips too ^^

We can also do breast augmentation by fat grafting in a safe way.

Smile line wrinkle can make your appearance much older; therefore if we cover this weakness by fat grafting, will make you look much younger.

Also for the nose, we can also do it by fat grafting to make the nose higher in natural way without any silicone or filler.

And for those people who have less fat on their cheeks, we can have fat grafting to make your appearance cuter.

By having fat injection under the cheekbone area, can remove wrinkles.

We can also do fat grafting on the upper eyelid area, so you look more younger

And it is also same for the jaw line, and forehead line.

I have explained to you about the fat grafting in each various parts.

We extract the fat from your body to have the fat grafting, therefore we extract the fats from the area like thighs and abdomen and inject it on your face, this can give you the effect of having diet, and fat grafting at the same time in a safe way without any problems^^
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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