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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Proposes Plastic Surgery Clinic Emergency Medical Equipment Establishment Standard

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Proposes Plastic Surgery Clinic Emergency Medical Equipment Establishment Standard

[Plastic Surgery Newspaper = Media Team] According to the parliamentary inspection, 76.9% of 1091 plastic surgery clinics across the nation do not have emergency medical equipment and only 1.2% in Gangnam, the so called “mecca of plastic surgery” do.
Especially since surgeries that require high skill, such as two-jaw surgery and facial contouring, which involves cutting the bone, are becoming popular, plastic surgery clinics must have emergency medical equipment.
Let’s find out what kind of medical equipment is necessary at a plastic surgery clinic, and the precautions for patients to avoid any accidents, with Dr. Wonjin Park (Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic), a member of the Global Healthcare Association.

 Q. Why don’t many plastic surgery clinics have emergency medical equipment?

A. The biggest reason is the cost.

 It is not a simple matter of having emergency medical equipment or not having them, but whether a situation can be handled in an emergency with a system.
One of the most common medical accidents is related to anesthesia, and to prevent this, there needs to be an experienced anesthesiologist in residence in addition to the safe anesthesia machine.
To prepare for black outs, there must be emergency medical equipment that has a non-interrupting electric supply, but the cost will not be cheap.
At the small place with less surgical cases, having the most basic emergency medical equipment may be financially burdensome.

 Q. What is one of the necessary emergency medical equipment at a plastic surgery clinic?

A. Like the previous statement, rather than one or two equipments, the hospital needs to have a system that can manage an emergency system in a quick and safe manner.

It is always best to check if there is an anesthesiologist in residence, a highly experienced surgeon and nurse who can handle an emergency situation, and if the clinic can provide future follow up treatments.
After that, check for an antiseptic room, non-interrupting electric supply, etc. so that unfortunate outcomes can be avoided.

Q. What kind of emergency medical equipment does Wonjin Plastic Surgery have?

A. Getting rid of pretenses, and having emergency medical equipment for the patient’s safety.

First, operate a separate emergency medical team for preparation of emergency situations, and having emergency medical classes at least once a week regarding safety and professional education.
Also, multiple anesthesiologists should be in residence so that they can divided up the work for prevention of an accident, and be in collaboration with general hospitals nearby so that in case of an emergency, they can be provided with an ambulance and an emergency room.
In addition, the anesthesiologist should be able to monitor the patient using a monitor during the surgery and recovery for EKG, breathing, oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, hygiene, and also a general management monitor to manage the patients’ hygiene in the operation room and two-jaw unit care.
Other than these factors, there should be a temperature maintainer to prevent low body temperature, a non-interrupting electric supply for a safe surgery in case of black outs, and a CPR kit for emergency situations for the safest management.

Meanwhile, Wonjin Plastic Surgery won the grand prize in Medical Korea 2013, Medical Asia Plastic Surgery Area, and on the 17th, partnered with Lotte Hotel for medical tour, and is trying its best to attract foreign patients. 
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