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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Very first teardrop breast implant maker "Polytech" for breast surgery

What Polytech, the very first tear drop implant maker, chose Wonjin?
Tear drop implant maker, Polytech chooses only one clinic where operation can be performed safely and effectively.

Of course, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is well known for breast augmentation! 
Dual Chamber tear drop breast augmentation surgery creates more natural breast shape and better adhesion, which is a breast augmentation surgery by using advanced tear drop breast implant.
1.     If you want more tight teardrop line
2.     Who wants to maintain the teardrop line for longer period
3.     If you want more upgraded implant
4.     If you have small thorax, that you need more stronger attachment
Even when you have strong volume, it does not spread,
but maintains the pretty line.
It does not sag even after the time goes by.
Size you want, natural line, volume, natural feeling of touch
Dual chamber teardrop breast augmentation surgery
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