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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not all the double eyelid surgery method are the same! each surgery method is totally different

Double eyelid surgery isn’t just the method of pinching.
After creating the double eyelid with the W line method, this is a new method of fixating stronger.
With Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s W method, we make your eyes brighter.
This is the before and after photo of double eyelid surgery.
For Wonjin Beauty Medical Group’s W method, we made the knots stronger so we could prevent it from releasing.
We can make clear and brighter eyes by making the double eyelid line more strongly.   
In case of the existing non incision method, there is higher possibility that the stitches become untied because it only pinches the the line with thread stitch

However, W Lock non incision method compensates the defect of the previous non incision method by collaborating natural double eyelid principle and W Lock knots.
By adhering fascia to skin, it prevent stitches from being untied.
W Lock method is the most commonly performed surgical method for double eyelid surgery, which make continuous W line knots on the inside and outside of eyelid. Therefore, it prevent the stitches from being untied for sure.
You can have clear and double eyelid lines by W Lock non incision method at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group~
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