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Friday, February 27, 2015

[Wonjin Beauty Medical Group] For blunt Nostrils, is it possible to improve it by surgery?

My nose isn’t low, but it’s very blunt.
I want to know how to fix blunt nose. Its very annoying me at the moment ~
My job relates meeting lot of people, therefore it is really getting into my concern at the moment.
Im planning to get the surgery done this holiday, I want to ask about the surgical method, and post op care as well, Please let me know ~
Hi ^^ this is Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
If your nostrils are too wide, even if your nose bridge isn’t too low, it makes your appearance of your nose and face very countrified.
Therefore you can improve your appearance by nostril reduction surgery. This surgical method will reduce the size of your nostrils so you don’t have blunt nose anymore.
The core of having nostril reduction is to reduce it but keeping the balance as well. It is important to be triangle shape from the low view.
 The operation time for nostril reduction is 1hour 30mins ~ 2 hours, you can be discharged on that day.
You take out the stitches 1 week after the operation, you visit about 2 ~ 3 times. You can have normal activities after removing the stitches, but the recovery time depends on patients conditions.
It is best to check your condition first, therefore I recommend you visit or have phone consultation first before you visit us.
For reducing the size of the nostrils, there are ways of reducing the skin, or tying inside the nostrils.
Reducing the nostril’s skin method -  it is possible for every case of the surgery; we have incision and suture to make it reduced. You cannot really see the scar after the surgery.  
Tying method - We do this only for people who have wide nostrils on the lower part. We have incision on the lower part of the nostrils and we tie both nostrils together.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has lot of experiences and core skills, therefore our nose specialist surgeons check patient’s condition very carefully to plan the surgery accurately. Also we collaborate with otorhinolaryngologist, therefore we don’t only take care of the aesthetic side, but we also think of the medical side as well.
We will try our best to give customers satisfaction as possible ^^ Thank you very much

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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